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Advantages for Banks Using Skylight Transparent LED Display in India

Most banks nowadays have full glass facades that are not able to serve one of their main purposes, which is to offer a good view of their plush interiors to viewers from outside. That’s because almost the entire glass façade in most banks are covered by large printed posters and signage displays. Ösel Skylight is a sleek, lightweight and easy-to-use transparent LED display in India that offers very good transparency. Bank branches across the urban landscape of the country can use this high quality digital display and yet be able to showcase their plush interiors to passers-by. The purpose of having a glass façade is lost if it is covered up completely.

Easy Installation and Handling

One of the biggest advantages of Ösel Skylight transparent LED display in India is that it is really easy to install as it is only 1-3 mm in thickness and weighs less than 3.5 kg per square metre. There are no formal and complicated installation processes as the transparent panel just needs to be stuck on to the glass surface. The light weight of the panel ensures that the glass surface doesn’t come under any kind of pressure or stress. This transparent skylight display has a stealth appearance that blends easily with the glass surface when it is turned off.

Flexibility and Integrated Design

Ösel Skylight transparent LED display in India is an innovative product that comes in the form of a thin and transparent LED film, which can be pasted onto a glass surface very easily. It has a special skylight material, which gives it a highly flexible body structure with scope for substantial customization at the installation area. Banks will therefore have plenty of scope to utilize the glass walls in their premises optimally and not just in the façade. The glass walls in the banks’ interiors can also be used to good effect with this skylight LED screen.

There is an endless stream of updates that banks need to share with their customers and the transparent  LED display in India is perfectly suited for that. The aesthetics of the skylight LED screen are best in class as none of its components are visible and neither is there any need for specific design to dissipate heat.

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