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August 9, 2019
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The Multiple Advantages of Using Ösel Carryo LED Digital Poster

There are many static print standees in shopping malls, retail stores, hotels and exhibition venues where they take up a lot of unnecessary space. Unlike a dynamic digital LED display board, a static print standee can display just one message within certain limits and hence more units are required to cover more ads, promos and announcements. Ösel Carryo is a ready-to-use portable digital LED poster that is light in weight and has a plug-in functionality. One of the main advantages of Carryo is obviously the option of displaying multiple messages and managing the content optimally.

Optimum Utilization of Space

The user locations like malls, retail stores, hotels and exhibition venues can therefore, save a lot of space and time in their communication on the Carryo LED display screen. This LED panel is very easy to operate and handle as it weighs just 35 kgs overall and can fit even into a carry bag. It can be used as a standee on the floor and it can also be mounted on vertical surfaces like concrete or wooden walls. If a retail store has 25 different messages to convey for promotion of in-store sales, it can easily do that on Carryo digital poster, multiple times.

Hotels Can Benefit in Multiple Ways

Hotels need multiple display spaces to communicate many of their services and specialities. These messages need to be displayed across the different areas of the hotel e.g. the reception where forex rates for the day or details of room availability are displayed. At the entrance of banquet halls hosting different events, a single LED display board for every banquet hall is enough for the host to display the complete details of the event in multiple sequence of messages. Similarly, the coffee shop or bar can use Carryo digital poster to display many updates of special offers, etc. and other messages to customers.

Touring Executives and Their Seminars

Corporate executives who host seminars and workshops in multiple locations will find the Ösel Carryo LED display screen a major asset. As already mentioned, it is super light in weight and very easy to use with its plug-in functionality. An executive doing a multiple location tour to conduct critical marketing seminars can simply carry this amazing digital poster in his bag. He won’t need any assistance to operate it and neither would he have to worry about setting it up or dismantling it after the seminar.

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