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Multiple Uses of a Portable LED Display Board in Road Shows

Portable LED Display Poster

Most marketers would agree that the importance of road shows and seminars in critical customer outreach is more important than ever before. Yet, marketing managers often miss out on some important accessories that are necessary in such events, e.g. a portable LED display board. A very good product or solution can end up way down in the customer’s perception if no effort is made to display the marketing or event communication with trending accessories. Portable indoor LED display systems at the venue of a road show or seminar allows the brand owner a very powerful tool that goes way beyond mere display of the event details. Such a display system can deliver other very important messages as well.

CarryÖ portable LED display screen

Made by Ösel Tech, a leading manufacturer of LED display systems in India, CarryÖ is a ready-to-use display solution, offering amazing multirole functionality that adds up a load of value for the users. It is also known as a digital poster, being smaller in size. To begin with, it has an aluminium alloy body that is surprisingly lightweight at less than 35 kgs and can even be carried around easily during a road show tour. It doesn’t require installation as it is a plug and play LED display system that goes on display mode with the support of an adjustable stand in the rear. All that an event manager has to do is, plug it in and access the content to be displayed through his/her smartphone.

Flexible display options

The dimensions of a portable LED display board are 1,920 mm height (a little less than 2 meters) by 640 mm width (a little more than half a meter). To display content that is ideal only for larger format display, CarryÖ offers the extended mode display that allows the entire image of a single message across more than one CarryÖ display screen. That effectively makes it a single display spread across multiple screens. To create a different impression across multiple CarryÖ display systems, e.g. showing identical images across multiple screens simultaneously, CarryÖ offers the mirroring mode.

Seamless and user-friendly operation

A road show may have a single or multiple objectives and the messages needed to be conveyed during the road show may also have a lot of variety. Only a portable LED display screen integrated with Cloud tech for content management via remote access, can enable that kind of advanced functionality. This content management system is compatible with all mobile operation systems like Android, iOS and Windows. If the roadshow is about electric vehicles (EVs) for instance, the organizers may want to show different types of EVs that have become popular with customers as well as EV charging equipment. Additionally, there would be sponsors of the event who would take a sizable amount of the display time on the CarryÖ digital poster.

Road show organizers would love a powerful, reliable and portable LED display option like CarryÖ, which helps them maximize their communication along with that of the other stakeholders in the road show.

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