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Ösel LED Display Screen Delivers Great Picture Quality in Railway Station Signage

LED Display Screen

Indian Railways transports around 25 million passengers every day, which means much more people frequent the railway stations across the country. This is a marketer’s favourite location and accordingly Indian Railways have tried to leverage this situation as best as it could by erecting signage space at specific places in all major railway stations. Imagine the impact of a moving ad on an LED display screen in one of these signage spaces. Surely, it would attract a much larger audience than flex-printed still images mounted on these signage spaces. However, the picture quality, as well as that of the hardware making up the LED display and how well it functions will determine the leverage that the owners can get.

An LED screen requires advanced technology

In order to run seamlessly and without any stoppages or distortions in picture quality, an LED display system needs the best in class technology and hardware. That’s because the LED signage will display multiple moving advertisements of several brands who would not accept any excuse for such breakdowns. Hence, Indian Railways or its contractors must ensure that they procure high quality LED display systems that have very good functional efficiency and are also durable in terms of cabinet, display modules and other hardware. It is very important for owners of LED display systems to make sure they have all of that.

Great viewing experience

A best-in-class LED display system offers great viewing experience through seamless splicing that effectively eliminates the bezels or outline framework seen in earlier versions of widescreen displays. The higher the pixel density in such LED displays the more distortion-free images they offer. Automatic colour calibration is another feature that ensures superior picture quality in an LED display system. Today this feature is demanded by most marketers before they agree to allow their advertisements to be displayed on a particular LED display screen.

Ease and economy of maintenance

One of the major advantages of installing an LED screen is the relative ease and low cost of maintenance as compared to other display systems. Such LED systems are not made of glass, which normally has a high rate of breakage and damage. The most advanced LED display systems have conveniently sized modules that are easy to integrate and maintain via front access. The tooling and engineering including the uncluttered way the power and data cables are housed, make it easy for the entire unit to be handled easily and effectively. Indian Railways can make very good use of the signage space in its major stations and add substantially to its revenues through advertisements such amazing LED display systems.

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