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Retail Outlets With Glass Facades Get the Best Out of Transparent LED Display Systems

Transparent LED Display Systems

LED display systems have taken the world of large format OOH promotional displays by storm but there is a method to how they are used across different application areas. Many windows and glass walls in retail stores, car showrooms, malls with glass facades, airports, railway stations, museums, exhibitions, etc. ideally need transparent LED display systems more than any other display system. That’s because they would like their plush interiors to be visible from the outside as it is a necessary part of their business operations. Ösel Skylight is perfectly suited for such displays as it brings a load of advantages for the POS.

Balancing transparency and display

Retail outlets across different formats use transparent glass walls to enable passers-by to have a glimpse of their plush interiors. However, they also want to utilize this space for displaying their marketing messages since that is a critical part of their promotional activities. For that, they will need a high quality transparent LED display screen, which can retain the transparency the POS needs and also display the messages. Ösel Skylight transparent LED display systems have the technology to balance high brightness with high transparency quotient to provide optimum viewing.

Advantages of transparent LED display systems

The main advantage of transparent LED displays is that those outside, will be able to see both the display and the interiors clearly while those inside, will be able to see the outdoors as clearly. Retail outlets can avoid getting completely enclosed behind LED display systems that don’t offer transparency. It’s always preferable to know your display advertising priorities and choose the right product. The other major advantage of transparent LED displays is the ease of installing and handling them as they are made with lightweight aluminium and Osel’s renowned LED technology. The high density pixel pitch ensures that these LED displays are visible 24 x 7 including in broad daylight.

When it comes to display advertising on transparent surfaces like glass where the advertiser intends to retain the transparency of the surface and also get the advantage of LED display, the ideal option is a transparent LED display screen.

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