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The Importance of Pixel Pitch

Understanding Pixel Pitch

In the simplest term, pixel pitch can be understood as an important determinant of the picture quality in any electronic display device. LED display technologies have multiple variants, choosing the best fit for your display needs requires a general understanding of what pixel is and how does it determine the qualitative aspect of the display.

In technical terms, the pixel pitch can be understood as the distance from the centre of two adjacent LED cluster, these LED clusters are also known as pixels. The pixel pitch
is usually measured in millimetres. The pixel pitch length can range from .9mm to 10mm depending upon the exact display tool. A lower or narrower pixel pitch makes up for a better screen resolution whereas higher pixel pitch will have comparatively lower picture resolution.

Why Is It Important?

So why is it important to know about the pixel pitch before buying a display solution? Well, the pixel pitch has a direct impact on the quality of picture resolution. It also helps to establish the optimal viewing distance. The lower the pixel pitch the closer you can stand to your display screen without adversely impacting your display experience. Also, the lower pixel pitch is associated with a higher picture resolution and video quality.

The images on the screen will have finer details when you have a lower pixel pitch. Now that we understand why pixel pitch is important, let’s assess if it’s feasible to go for a lower pixel pitch every time. So it makes sense to opt for a lower pixel pitch but what is the cost for that? Well, a lower pixel pitch certainly gives a better resolution but it also increases the number of pixels in your display screen. The more LED pixels or clusters the higher the cost of the display.

What pixel pitch is good for you? Well, that’s a subjective question and requires evaluation of your display needs. It depends on where will you be installing the display screen and how close will be your audience to the screen space. Narrower pixels are always preferred but you can decrease your cost drastically if your audience is not very close to the screen. For example, if you are planning to install it in a retail shop where the audience is relatively closer to the screen you can go for a 4mm pixel.

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This article aims to educate the reader on what is a pixel pitch in terms of display solutions and why is it important to understand the pixel pitch associated with display technology.

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