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How Digital Signage is Helping Hospitals during the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has crippled economies all across the globe and has seriously impacted human lives. The virus has been spreading like a wildfire and the death counts have been surging to record high levels. The harm is not just limited to the patients but extends further to the doctors who are treating. Many doctors have succumbed to the disease after coming in contact with the COVID-19 patients.

At this crucial hour, it is imperative to save the front line workers, especially in the healthcare industry. Digital display solutions have been a life-saver in this regard. Hospitals can install LED screens to monitor the patients remotely. This will reduce the risk for doctors and nurses serving the patients to a great extent. They don’t need to physically monitor every situation and have to focus only on pressing issues.

In addition to this, LED display screens can be installed in the waiting rooms to communicate important information with the patients including the queue details. It also helps to communicate customized messaging to the audience. The LED display screen installation is paramount during the Coronavirus outbreak situation to guide and educate people of the preventive measures that need to be taken.

In addition to this, people can also be educated on the common symptoms, steps they should take to prevent the spread, when to visit a doctor, etc. The use of interactive way-finding solutions using digital signage technologies will help people to find the intended destinations without any help. This will limit the exposure of people to strangers who might be carriers of the virus.

It can also help to provide information regarding the availability and limit on medical supplies reducing the crowd influx in the process. Digital self-help kiosks can be installed at multiple points for providing sanitizing facilities to people visiting the hospitals. This will help to contain the limit of spread to a great extent. The touch-free digital kiosks can also help to ensure contactless check-ins in hospitals and

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This article aims to edify the reader on how digital signage will help to ensure safe
practices in hospitals and other medical places. It emphasizes the use of LED display
screens and kiosks in the healthcare domain during this pandemic.

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