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Revamp Your Conference Room with the 135’’ Multi-touch Interactive LED Display

As we progress further in the digital world, the need to connect with people physically has reduced. Businesses are increasingly relying on video conferences for arranging office meetings; they even save a whole lot of money by limiting their business tours. The penetration of internet services along with the availability of high-end LED screens has improved the virtual experience altogether.

If you are still using the archaic display technologies for your conference room meetings then you are definitely not progressing with today’s fast-paced environment. The traditional display technologies like projectors or LED TVs used in the conference rooms are limiting you from reaping the full benefits of the video conferences. You need to revamp your conference room and install the best active LED display to see the magic.

The use of video content in today’s era has increased exponentially and to display quality video content you need to have a splendid display technology in place. Osel Technology’s 135’’ interactive multi-touch LED display is the ultimate solution. The sleek 30mm high definition display screen design makes it one of a kind. It will help you alleviate your video conferencing experience altogether. Let’s pee into what all it has to offer.

The 135’’ Interactive Multi-touch LED Display

The 135’’ interactive multi-touch LED display offered by Osel Technology has incorporated power-packed features into a single screen. This amalgamation includes the functionalities of an integrated projector, electronic whiteboard, television screen and an audio system. It’s not just limited to this, the 135” multi-touch display has a wireless screen removing the need for wiring connections altogether.

You don’t even need a cable to share your desktop view on a large screen, it’s mirroring feature allows you to connect 4 devices simultaneously. The 4K high-definition narrow pixel screen is designed to vibrantly display even the minutest object on the screen with enhanced clarity. It comes with a user-friendly remote that eradicates the need of using your hands for presentation; it will help you do it smoothly without any hassles.

The integrated smooth whiteboard has a remarkable response time of approximately 40 ms, making it faster than most other display screens. Don’t worry about the installation, Osel Technology has created two different models of their masterpiece; the Portable floor stand & the Wall-mounted model for quick and convenient installations.

Osel Technology is among the industry leaders in the digital signage segment that provides a holistic solution to digital display needs. In the era of smart, give your meeting rooms a smarter touch with the splendid 135” multi-touch interactive LED display by Osel Technology.

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