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Ösel LED Display Screens are Ideally Suited for Indian Petrol Pumps

LED Display Screens

There are over 60,000 petrol pumps in operation all over India and almost all of them are experiencing pretty good demand throughout the year. In addition to refined oil like diesel and petrol, compressed natural gas (CNG) and a wide range of lubricant oils, these pumps also sell outdoor advertising space on billboards. As on date, over 90% of the displays in Indian petrol pumps are static, mounted with printed PVC flex signage screens. Such static displays have very limited potential for generating revenues as they can accommodate just one display per screen. If they install outdoor LED screen instead, their revenue potential increases manifold.

Advantages of digital signage solutions

Both the stakeholders in digital signage value chain like, the petrol pump owner and the advertiser can gain enormously from such installations.

  • Display of multiple ads on a single screen accommodates ads and messages of multiple advertisers
  • Advanced content management system (CMS) for remote management of content that is displayed
  • Captive audience of motorists and cabbies with their passengers, driving in to fuel their vehicles

A static display usually has a hefty cost for a month-long display of a single message for a single client. On the contrary, an outdoor LED display board can charge reasonably lower display rates from multiple advertisers but earns many times more in aggregate during the month.

Ban on Single-use plastic (SUP) will affect PVC flex

The government of India recently imposed a ban on all forms of SUP and PVC flex happens to be the most hazardous among all forms of SUP as it contains high amounts of dioxin. India currently uses over 2 billion square feet of PVC flex every month and this entire quantity is disposed of in the most unregulated and unhygienic way. The government’s ban on SUP will take a serious view of all these factors as it pollutes the environment in ways that are not acceptable. It’s a matter of time before outdoor LED screen replaces these polluting static flex signage screens.

World-Class LED displays now manufactured in India

Ösel is a leading Indian manufacturer and supplier of world-class outdoor LED display board and solutions with best-in-class servicing support. The company’s rational pricing policy enables Indian customers to get the benefit of high-quality indigenous products and avoid costly and cumbersome imports. Petrol pump owners in India can leverage this great advantage offered by Ösel and make the much-needed transition to digital displays. It will help them increase their revenues many times over by hiring out display space to many more advertisers.

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