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January 6, 2020
LED Display Panel
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January 14, 2020

Use of LED Display Panel in a University can Improve the Quality of Education

LED Display Panel

India has a robust higher education system with almost 800 universities out of which, over 500 are government universities while the rest are privately managed. Most of the government-run universities have a history as well as legacy and many are slow to adopt technology for efficient functioning. Most government universities have huge campuses that have massive infrastructure, staff and large number of students to manage. Communication on time if not on real time, plays an important role in such management. Hence, it requires adoption of technologically advanced equipment and systems like digital LED display panel in different parts of the campus.

Improving instruction delivery in classrooms

The educational system in India is known for pursuing an outdated rote-learning system, which doesn’t help students in higher education. For in-depth understanding, a lesson or problem needs to be taught with visible evidence in the form of images and videos. Such learning is already creating waves in the education system wherever they have been tried and is now accepted as the futuristic way of instruction. An LED display screen in a classroom empowers a teacher to add value to his or her instruction which makes students truly knowledgeable.

Easier communication with faculty rooms

There are several faculty rooms in a university and it usually depends on the number of active departments in existence. Considering that a university has 50 departments, there would be at least 50 faculty rooms that are the hubs of the different faculty members of the respective departments. A great deal of communication and coordination is required to ensure optimum utilization of the faculty every day. An LED display panel at the faculty room interconnected with the classrooms can make coordination between students and faculty really easy.

Dynamic messaging at the front office

Most universities have impressive front office complexes that also house the administrative wing. This is where new students as well as their parents and guardians first enter when they arrive at any university. A well-designed front office complete with a flexible LED display screen rolling out a steady stream of important messages and updates can be very helpful for the new students. Such messages and updates may cover admissions, cut-off percentages, changes in curricula, hostel fees, exam schedules, alumni testimonials and much more.

Digital display as stage backdrop in conference hall

The conference hall in a university is an extremely important location for a number of important occasions like, convocations, annual day functions, seminars, and many other events. The use of LED display panel as a backdrop at the stage makes it a highly efficient option for convocations where a lot of information needs to be displayed in real time. For seminars too, the digital backdrop is an extremely important medium for adding value by displaying vital information related to the topic.

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