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Amazing Range of Display Possibilities with Flexible LED Display Screen

flexible digital signage

There are endless possibilities of creative digital signage installations with flexible LED display solutions. Several irregular shapes can be given to your digital LED displays depending on the location and layout of the display area. Trade exhibitions for instance, offer extensive scope of using flexible digital signage solutions as there are scores of exhibitors with a wide variety of products to display in unique ways. Flexible digital displays are also very helpful in fulfilling the display potential inside malls and large retail stores. Similarly, many other locations can add great value to their display potential with such digital signage.

Types of displays that flexible digital signage offers

There are extensive possibilities of creating different types of flexible LED display screen shapes including irregular sizes and shapes as per display parameters. These could be circles, columns, ellipses, triangles, spheres and a lot more. Take petrol pump signage for example – these could be box-shaped squares or circles in similar dimension, where advertisements of several consumer product brands can be displayed. Such displays are already being installed in malls and are highly preferred by brands that want to reach their audiences effectively.

Top quality material of flexible LED display screens

Ösel is a leading manufacturer and supplier of world-class digital LED display solutions in India and has a strong R&D base that enables it provide end-to-end solutions to customers. The flexible digital signage that Ösel manufactures, is made from high quality printed circuit board (PCB) and rubber material that are customized to the desired shape and size by skilled and experienced engineers. The seamless magnetic connection of the flexible panels is made easier with the magnetic buckle design, which is the key element in these flexible displays.

Super easy to use due to its light weight

One of the biggest advantages of flexible LED display screen from Ösel is that it is super light in weight and very easily movable. Notably, they don’t need to be enclosed inside cabinets and are hardly 5 mm in thickness. This makes it easy to pack up to 20 square metre of these display screens in a single flight case. Such lightweight screens are also very easy to install as they require very little additional space during installation. Overall, the crucial advantage of these screens is that they enable amazing levels of customization that no other LED display can provide.

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