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January 16, 2020
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January 22, 2020

India’s Museums Must Adopt LED Video Wall Display to Add Value to Their Artefacts

LED video wall display

India has over 800 museums spread all across the country and almost all of them are in desperate need to digitize their displays. For a country like India with its massive size, long history and vast diversity of opinion on several matters, it is worrisome that the museum culture is quite poor. Most people are either oblivious to the importance of a museum in their town or city and many just find it boring. There’s a good reason for that because none of these museums have any LED display screen to show graphical or audio-visual displays explaining the history of the artefacts on display.

Helping people understand the value of museum artefacts

It is difficult for a layman to understand the importance of the artefacts displayed in a museum unless it is explained to him in an easy-to-understand way.

  • The static plaques carrying descriptions of artefacts in a museum are not appealing for most visitors especially the youngsters.
  • In the military hardware section of a museum, if a damaged artillery cannon is displayed with just a small plaque inscription, viewers won’t be interested.
  • If an audio-visual documentary is displayed on an LED video wall display about the battle where the cannon was used, visitors would be keen to know about it.

The objective of a museum is not just to safeguard objects of civilizational and cultural heritage but also explain and educate people about the history surrounding the object.

Museums are the sources of authentic knowledge

It is really unfortunate that the culture of heritage preservation is so poor in India, a country that can boast of the greatest treasure trove of cultural and civilizational heritage. India can develop a museum in each and every historical monument across the vast expanse of the country. While static display of heritage artefacts are the essence of a museum, it is also important to adopt technology to add value to the displays. Use of an LED display screen to narrate the story behind a particular artefact will evoke a lot more interest from visitors in a museum.

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