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April 6, 2020
Digital Signage Video Wall Technology
Understanding the Digital Signage Video Wall Technology
April 13, 2020

What Goes into Successfully Installing a Video Wall Display?

video wall installation

The video wall technology has been a game-changer in the digital signage industry. If you don’t want to go wrong with grabbing eyeballs of your targeted audience, the video wall technology is surely among the best piece of displays out there. What makes it so effective? Well, the contemporary video wall displays are not just limited to starching out a single content on a large screen, it has grown much more flexible in its approach to display dynamic content and manage things remotely. From great pixel density to enormous display size, the video wall technology has a lot to offer.

We all are familiar with the aesthetic appeal of video walls but not so aware of what goes into making and installing a video wall display. Installing a video wall display is not much complex, however, it requires more planning, attention to details and a very thoughtful infrastructure. Let’s peep into the backend of the video wall installation story and have a detailed insight into the standard setup components.

The display framework

This is one of the most crucial aspects of the installation. The surface behind the video wall display has to be modified for accommodating the installation process. A framework of brackets is placed in the walls over which the display device is installed. This requires planning where the device is to be installed and how will you be placing the display for maximum visual appeal. Robust and durable mounting frames are required to hold the weight of the entire display set and ensure that it remains intact.


Microtiles, as the name suggests are small yet dynamic LED display boards that work as a building block to aid the construction of a video wall. It provides flexibility in moulding the shape and size of a video wall.  If your video wall specifications do not match the standard size and shape you will need the aid of microtiles. If you need the specifics, the size limit is usually 20 feet for each side.

Processor & Controller

Here comes one of the most important aspects of the video wall installation process. Installing a video wall is subject to a lot of variables like size, shape, surrounding, etc. Most video walls need a peripheral boost in the form of a separate video wall processor. In addition to consolidating the I/O, the processor helps with handling any form of I/O management. It helps to encode and decode video signals into a readable format that can be recognised by the video wall.

Many a time, the video wall users or owners require a separate control interface which can help them with functions like choosing content, changing display settings, scheduling, switching necessary inputs, etc. The controller adds value by providing the flexibility to do the needful with the help of a touchscreen device or any other relevant tool.

Osel Technologies is among the most prominent players in the digital signage industry that provides holistic digital signage solutions including a range of robust video wall displays at the most affordable price.

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