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April 10, 2020
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Understanding the Digital Signage Video Wall Technology

Digital Signage Video Wall Technology

Digital signage has proved to be revolutionary for businesses when it comes to engaging with customers through advertisement and other marketing gimmicks. Choosing the right display equipment for your venture can be a little tricky as a lot depends on how the content is displayed using various display options available.

The giant video displays have gained huge popularity in the past few years and their market share is expected to grow even more in the near future. Osel Technology is among the leading digital signage solution provider that also manufactures aesthetic video walls for diverse surroundings. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out the specific of the video wall technology that is trending in the digital signage sphere.

What is the video wall technology?

Video walls are a form of digital signage display technology that comprises of components like LCD or LED panels, computer monitors, DLP tiles, projection screens, etc. In the past few years, video walls were just a tool to stretch and display a single content on a wall format. Earlier video walls were mostly limited to outdoor digital signage expeditions. The modern video wall uses multiple LED panels together for forming a large LED display screen to attract the audience’s attention.

The contemporary video wall technology is a ground-breaker in the digital signage segment and provides a lot more features than just stretching a single piece of content. It is comprised of Direct View LED displays that work in conjunction to display content like a single big screen. They are also equipped with dynamic content features and remote management capabilities.

Prominent applications of the video wall technology

The video wall technology has found some new avenues in terms of applications of this technology. With the dynamic content features and remote management capabilities of the modern video wall technology, many industries have accepted this spectacular digital signage display tool. Video walls provide flexibility in terms of displaying content, the user can display a single image from a single source on multiple screens or can use it to display multiple images from multiple sources.

Data shows a proliferation of video wall displays across multiple industries including retail stores, hospitality, live events, concert halls, healthcare, banking, security, etc. It is a perfect fit for those who want a large-scale display but are not willing to settle for a single screen display technology as it limits their options. In addition to being expensive, the single-screen displays also lag in pixel density.

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