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Understanding the Digital Signage Video Wall Technology
April 13, 2020
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How to Design the Perfect Digital Signage Layout?
April 17, 2020
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Now that we have entered the era of the digital revolution, adopting the digital means to market the offerings has been paramount in the business space. Adapting the new means won’t magically give you the extra edge. In the contemporary world of cut-throat competition, robust strategy and planning are vital to the success of your enterprise and increases the probability of the same. Today marketing is all about providing contextual content at the right time. Without a robust digital signage strategy, you’ll never harness the power of modern marketing. Let’s delve deeper into how to build digital signage strategies for effective marketing campaigns that’ll bring a rewarding outcome.

Goal Setting

This one is a no brainer; every robust strategy requires setting a goal that can be measured and changed from time to time depending upon the dynamics of the business. Some of the mainstream digital signage content objectives include boosting web traffic, increasing sales of products or services, getting more audience to sign up for an event, etc. Other desirable objectives might include increasing brand awareness for new product segments, enhanced internal communications, etc. Delivering a new message to the audience including the details of the new products which are to be released at physical stores is an example of using digital signage to boost brand awareness.

Know your Audience

What is the purpose of your digital signage? I am assuming it’s to sell the products or services to more and more customers. The first step to selling your products or services is to know your audience or customer, creating a buyers persona.  The persona can define your audience on multiple aspects such as demographics, location, likes and dislikes, etc.

Once you’ve framed your buyer’s or audience persona it is much easier to deliver contextual content for a prompt response. It is paramount to check the content you’ll be displayed using your digital signage to the audience. It should align with your audience’s behavior and should appeal to them. Segmenting your content is also an important factor to consider for successfully implementing your digital signage strategy.

Performance Measurement

One of the most crucial aspects of any marketing campaign is performance measurement, how else will you know if it’s working or not? Performance measurement is also important to set new goals. It could be measured using various metrics such as sales, profit, referrals, web traffic, followers, etc. Setting a goal and choosing a key performance indicator for it is a simple way to start. A call to action buttons helps drive the desired consumer behavior which will ultimately lead to a measurement of the performance indicators.

Positioning your screen

Everything else can be perfect and you still might not be able to get the desired results when you haven’t positioned your display screens correctly. Some of the important questions that can help you decide as to where to put the screen include; what type of activity will the visitors do when they are at your desired location? How long will they face your display board or screen? Strategizing the placement of your screen is crucial to winning in this game. You can even opt for transparent LED displays from OSEL technologies that can help your audience view the insides of the store as well as the content on the screen simultaneously.

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