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April 3, 2020
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April 10, 2020
Digital Signage for Airport

The digital signage industry has grown multiple-folds in the last couple of years. The evolution within the digital signage segment has been on an unprecedented scale and this has led to increased applications across various industries. The airport is considered as one of the prime applications of digital signage technology.

From real-time information updates to improving operations and messaging, the airport segment has multiple applications of digital signage technology.  However, using digital signage displays to communicate better at airports can be very tricky, let’s delve deeper into how it should be strategized for reaping the full benefits of this technology.

Check-in Windows

High visibility is the main strategy when it comes to the effective positioning of digital signage displays. You can never go wrong with placing the digital displays near the Check-in Window. Displaying flight updates and other relevant information near check-in counters helps to regulate the passenger foot traffic.   

Security Checkpoint

Another key placement avenue for digital signage displays at the airport is around security checkpoints. The digital signage displays can be used at security checkpoints to provide instructions needed to go through a security check, for example, information regarding emptying the pocket, not carrying the phones, etc. It can be facilitated using animations and other video contents to help the audience understand better.

Baggage Claim

Receiving your baggage can be time-consuming when you are using air transportation services. Passengers waiting in the baggage counter area are more receptive to new information, this section can be used to place digital signage displays for advertising products and services. In addition to this, passengers need frequent updates regarding their baggage.

Commercial Areas

Commercial stores and food courts at the airport can use digital signage displays to provide information regarding price, ingredients, offers, variants, etc. to the consumers. This will help the consumers in selecting from a range of products available more efficiently and it’ll also help the store owner to manage the crowd more effectively.


Digital signage displays can be used outside the airport perimeter to guide passengers to their specific locations inside the airport terminals. High brightness outdoor LED displays should be used to withstand the weather conditions for displaying dynamic content to the airport visitors. Osel Technologies is one of the pioneers in the industry that provides holistic digital signage solutions including outdoor displays.

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