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Emerging Digital Signage Trends

Digital Signage Trends

The digital signage industry is the pillar of the digital revolution in the 21st century. With every passing day, there is growing adoption of digital signage solutions by businesses of varying scale and operations. Many industries are relying on digital signage solutions for their advertising and other communication needs.

The digital signage industry is still in its nascent stage and continues to evolve to make it more accessible and effective and increase its applications across new domains. There are companies like Osel Technologies that provides an array of digital signage solutions to choose from for all your needs. Let’s get some insight into the emerging trends within the digital signage industry.

New Applications across Small Stores

The applications of digital signage solutions will see a spurt across the small and micro-store segment. With the growth of retail e-commerce, offline retailers are taking the heat when it comes to running a profitable store. One of the primary reasons for offline retail stores to shut shop is the expenditure incurred on rent and other miscellaneous expenses linked to offline stores. This has led to the creation of comparatively smaller offline stores to boost profitability by avoiding higher rent expenditure.

Container solution is one of the growing trends in the micro shop formats; the benefit of using this solution is that it can be operated autonomously. Digital Signage is at the heart of this cost-effective solution for offline stores. The digital signage display solutions have three major benefits in this setup; firstly, they provide information on current product offerings, secondly, it helps in enabling context-sensitive marketing, thirdly it helps by acting as a transaction platform at the point of sale.

Smarter Digital Signage Solutions

At the core of the digital signage solutions is the content management system that helps to manage the delivery of the content to the audience. The content management systems will continue to evolve using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tools that will help with custom content for the targeted audience. For example, proximity marketing solutions can be integrated with digital signage to display content as per the audience’s interest.

Sustainable Digital Signage Solutions

In modern times, consumers are more aware of the products they purchase and their impact on the environment. People are not just responsible citizens but also responsible consumers who factor in the concept of sustainability in their actions. Plastic-free will be the norm in the coming years, this will impact the packaging of the products. Digital signage will have major applications to display real-time product-related information in stores; like the price of the products, its nutritional value, ingredients, etc. This can be done using electronic shelf labels which will display all relevant information using digital signage.

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