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March 30, 2020
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Emerging Digital Signage Trends
April 3, 2020
LED Video Wall

In the contemporary world, technology has the power to make things obsolete and produce a better version of it, creating a new trend in the segment. The digital signage industry has undergone a significant change in the past few years. The evolution within the industry in terms of new and improved product offerings has been on an unprecedented scale. Let’s explore some of the exclusive trends that the year 2020 will present in the LED & video wall display segment.

Improved accessibility will lead to new applications

One of the most important reasons why people opt out of using LED display solutions is the hefty price attached to digital products. Addressing this pain point in terms of adopting LED solutions, manufacturers are creating more affordable LED solutions that are more accessible to people and small businesses. LED display manufacturers are banking on their learning curve to produce cost-effective products by optimising their operations and leveraging cutting-edge technology. The year 2020 will see new LED and video wall display applications in areas like the museum, stations, retail banking, grocery stores, restaurants, etc.

New shape variants for LED displays

The LED video wall display solutions have gained huge popularity in the transportation segment. Airports and metro stations are heavily reliant on LED display solutions for their communication and advertisement needs. The year 2020 will explore new shape variants in the digital display segment to make it more appealing for their audience. Some of the prominent examples are airports like San Antonio International and Charlotte Douglas International; they have already tried using trapezoidal and quatrefoil shapes for displaying content.  As the audience gets more accustomed to watching LED displays, the tweak in shapes will bring out something unique for them to ponder.

Shrink in the pixel size

Every passing day brings innovation in the technological sphere, a better and enhanced version of what already exists in the market. As this technology enters the market the demand for it surges to another level. In the case of the digital signage industry, the evolution of technology will shrink the pixel pitch even further. The Mini-LED and Micro-LED products do exist in the market but are not in mainstream applications. The high price point can be considered one of the major deterrents in adopting this technology for mainstream applications. The year 2020 can be the game-changer for Mini and Micro LED products.

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