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January 22, 2020
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January 31, 2020

Advantages of Indoor LED Display in Specific Locations Inside a Mall

Indoor LED Display

Most malls have a large spread across several floors admeasuring tens of thousands of square feet in area. They have separate sections for different product categories e.g. garments, groceries, home furnishings, electrical and electronics, food court, entertainment and much more depending on the size of the mall. The visitor footfalls are very high during weekends but most malls also receive substantial footfalls during weekdays as well. That’s what makes them such attractive places for businesses and brands interested in advertising on the large format indoor LED display screens in these malls.

The vast open atrium area

This is usually a vast open area that resembles an open fairground but much better regulated, maintained and operated. A wide range of LED screen variants can be displayed in this atrium space –

  • Wall display units that can be mounted on any vertical surface that is strong enough for the purpose
  • Rental display screens that can be moved around, installed and dismantled easily
  • Flexible display screens that can be customized as per shape and size including curved displays
  • Digital posters or standees that are smaller in size and can be easily moved around

Such a wide range of dynamic digital display options in a mall can attract many brands and businesses that are eager to reach out to the huge crowds that visit the mall regularly.

Opportunities in the different product sections

A grocery products brand would surely like to advertise on an indoor LED display screen in the grocery section just as an electronic products brand would like to advertise in the electronics section. This kind of targeted advertising will ensure that a specific brand is able to communicate with its exact audience more directly than on display screens in any other section. For the dynamic digital display screen owner, the revenue-earning potential of the display screen is many times higher than a static display screen with a single advertisement.

Advantages of dynamic digital displays

Most malls in India still use static polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flex signage that have many obvious drawbacks when compared to dynamic digital displays. Installing a new static PVC flex display involves printing, transporting and mounting of the flex screen on the LED display board. All that requires a minimum of 24 hours to get over and then at the end of display duration, it needs to be dismantled at additional cost in time and money. An LED digital screen enables changes or replacement of content on real-time and displays multiple ads and videos. Ösel is a leading manufacturer of world-class digital LED screens in India and has already installed over 200 digital units including many in malls all over the country.

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