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Digital Signage Screens in Government Hospitals and Dispensaries

Digital Signage Screens

Across the country, almost 30,000 government hospitals and dispensaries are networked under the government’s flagship healthcare programs that target the poorest sections of society. In all these hospitals and dispensaries the vast majority of poor and underprivileged people come to receive healthcare services. The government has several other programs for the welfare of this section of the population and in many instances, the awareness about all these programs is very low. That’s mainly due to a lack of effective means of disseminating information about basic healthcare services like digital signage solutions in India.

Government’s Health Education Messages

There are scores of programs that the government has launched for the welfare of the underprivileged people mainly in rural areas, beyond healthcare services. All such programs have a direct or indirect impact on the welfare of people when they are implemented. These are connected to rural electrification, supply of domestic gas, better sanitation, minimum employment guarantee and many others. When such information is delivered through digital signage display in India, the effectiveness is much more what it is via static signage.

Information on Government’s Healthcare Programs

The government recently launched a comprehensive health insurance scheme for the underprivileged sections of the country. Although this has become quite popular there is scope for more effective information dissemination especially through multiple ads and messages as well as videos and graphics. Most poor folks don’t understand the complex procedures involved in health insurance delivery. The government’s communication via digital signage solutions in India can help poor folks easily understand where to go and whom to approach for specific healthcare services.

Other Public Service Messages

Many other public welfare ads, messages and videos covering different programs of the government also need to reach the poor folks more effectively. The country’s literacy rate is well over 80% currently and that includes a large percentage of poor women in rural areas. Since women-centric public welfare and development programs in India are very effective, the government needs to design its ads, messages and videos keeping women in mind. Also, it needs to ensure that such messages are delivered on digital signage display in India in order to achieve maximum impact. Rural hospitals and dispensaries are very effective locations for such messages to reach the right audience.

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