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Enormous Impact of Outdoor LED Display Board on Large Building Facades

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The urban skyline today glows a lot more than it used to do earlier and one of the main reasons for this change is the prevalence of outdoor LED display board on many of the building facades. It’s not that the display advertisements on building facades earlier never had such displays but they were few and far between and were very expensive. In fact, the technology hadn’t evolved at that point of time and whatever was available in terms of hardware, systems and engineering had to be imported. Today, all that is available at much lower cost and even high quality LED display solutions are affordable when compared to earlier systems.

What an outdoor LED screen on a building façade looks like

The sheer dimension of an LED display system mounted on the façade of a large building is a sight to behold. Even flex-printed still images of such dimension can create considerable impact in the absence of any screen of similar size with moving images. It is already proven that moving display ads attract far more attention than ads with still images. When you have a giant LED display system on a building façade showing multiple advertisements it will naturally attract the attention of those who are within viewing range of such ads, which can be as much as 200-300 meters depending on the size of the display.

Installing and managing an outdoor LED display board

Although the technology is advanced and complex, outdoor LED display systems today are much easier to handle than what many people perceive. It begins with the product or solution design that normally includes the cabinet or structural design of the display framework. It also depends on the environment of the location. This entire structure is built with modules that are assembled together to act as the building blocks of the display system. This is then integrated with the control system setup that allows the user to manage the operation of the display system even from remote locations via his/her smartphone.

The technologically advanced outdoor LED screen is the ultimate in large format outdoor display advertising that is a win-win solution for all stakeholders – location owners, display system owners and marketers.

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