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LED Display Screens Will Replace Static OOH Display Screens Very Soon
November 27, 2019
Outdoor Advertising Industry in India
Outdoor Advertising Industry in India Needs to Shift to LED Displays
December 12, 2019

Why Billboard Companies in India Must Adopt Outdoor LED Screen ASAP

Outdoor LED Display Screen

Around 98% of the outdoor billboards in India are static with PVC flex-mounted screens that are considered to be the most hazardous kind of single use plastic (SUP). The Government of India recently took the decision to ban the use of SUP and very soon the PVC flex segment will face the crackdown faced by the polybag segment now. Therefore, billboard companies in India must act fast and go for speedy adoption of outdoor LED screen in place of the static PVC flex-mounted screens that they use now. In terms of the capital investment required for such a shift it’s not challenging to procure LED display systems in India anymore as they are produced indigenously now.

Ösel – a leading manufacturer of LED displays in India

Ösel Tech, which is based in Greater Noida, is one of the leading LED display manufacturers in India and has recently operationalized its highly advanced manufacturing plant. This company already has an impressive list of installations all across the country, which includes some of the biggest names in the market. The biggest advantage that Ösel offers is, world class products at rationalized prices backed by high quality servicing support. Billboard companies can always do their market research before making their capital investments in digital display screens.

LED Displays are a Blessing for Billboard Companies

Although the transition from static flex-mounted screens to digital outdoor LED display screen appears a little challenging, it is merely the routine growth of a business to the next level. Dynamic digital displays are going to be the mandatory choice for future smart cities that will not allow SUP material like PVC flex on the display boards. In fact, PVC flex will soon fall under the government’s SUP ban because it is considered to be the most hazardous of all SUPs because of the unusually high dioxin content in it. This chemical compound is extremely harmful to living organisms. The National Green tribunal of India has already identified PVC flex for its extremely hazardous chemical composition.

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