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November 22, 2019
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December 2, 2019

LED Display Screens Will Replace Static OOH Display Screens Very Soon

OOH Display Screens

Today, most out of home (OOH) advertising display boards in India use poly vinyl chloride (PVC) flex sheets that are mounted on these screens. However, with the government’s declared aim of eliminating single use plastic (SUP) the future of PVC flex appears bleak in India. This is where a digital indoor LED display screen can cut out time and cost overruns significantly as it can display the ad/message in just a few seconds. However, for that to happen, the digital screen must be installed at the designated location.

How India’s OOH Display Market Evolved

Compared to earlier times, when the OOH displays were painted on metal boards, mounting a flex sheet on a board is easier and efficient, and saves a lot of time. It used to take at least four days to paint a display board measuring 10’ x 20’ depending on weather conditions. A PVC flex screen can be printed, transported and mounted on the same board in 24 hours, which explains why flex is dominating currently. However, this domination will end very soon in view of the ban on SUP and the overwhelming advantages of indoor LED display screens.

Time to Shift to Digital OOH (DOOH)

The first major advantage for stakeholders like display location owners and OOH media marketing businesses to adopt DOOH is the ability to display many more ads and messages including videos on a single screen. The display space can now accommodate multiple advertisers, which is directly related to the revenue stream of the indoor LED display system. How the owner is able to utilize it to offer better services will determine the return on investment (ROI) s/he is able to earn by optimally selling space on their LED display boards.

More Affordable Display Spaces for Advertisers

Digital indoor LED display screens have a lifespan of over one lakh hours which corresponds to over 10 years. This makes them valuable assets with excellent ROI possibilities from optimum sale of display space to a much larger number of advertisers. Compared to static flex-mounted screens, the LED display screens accommodate many more displays at much more affordable cost. A static flex screen for a minimum duration of a month is expensive for many advertisers but an LED screen with enormous display scale is quite

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