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February 18, 2021
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February 18, 2021

Why DOOH Advertising Is the Way Forward?

Advertising is a crucial task for any business/organisation. With effective advertising, you can get an edge over your competitors. There are various ways in which one can advertise. Choosing the right advertising medium can help you gather an audience. Being said that, DOOH (digital out of home) advertising must be adopted by a business to enhance its customer reach. DOOH advertising covers all the areas outside the customer’s house like subways, roadways, etc. Read on to know some of the pros of DOOH advertising.

You’ll stay ahead

DOOH advertising will provide you with more reach than any other traditional means of advertising. You can stand out among your competitors via DOOH advertising. We all see many billboards and banners while driving but not many drive our attention. Some of them are poorly printed and not even visible in dark.

A digital display in place of banners or billboards will be visible to people even in the dark. The dynamic digital display will not only catch the attention of people but will also display more information.


The biggest advantage of DOOH advertising is that you can customise your digital content and can modify it accordingly. You can display the latest offers, discounts, etc., and can remove them after expiration. You can also customise the timing of your digital content via DOOH advertising. This includes structuring your content to appear according to the traffic, region, etc. For example, you can display your content on a subway during peak hours with lots of passengers.

You can customise your campaign in many more ways via DOOH advertising like:

  • You can use real-time data to generate digital advertisements.
  • You can automate the advertising process and can reduce human intervention. You can easily target any particular geographic location or marketplace.
  • You can exclude any geographic location in your campaign that has a lot of competition or lacks potential customers.

High-end analytics

You can measure the effectiveness of your campaign in real-time via DOOH advertising. For example, you can know the impressions generated by your digital content based on the traffic schedule. You can also get to know about the duration your digital content has been watched. You can choose to advertise via DOOH near points of sales to gather more audience. DOOH advertising systems can be integrated with analytics tools to gain rich insights. Besides providing the freedom to customise and schedule your digital content DOOH also provides effective radius targeting.

OselTech is a reliable source that can provide you with better DOOH advertising services. Their Digital Signage Application (Donkey Player) can help you in broadcasting audio, video, PDF, menu board, etc. across various screens. It will help you in managing your digital content with the least human labour. Start using DOOH advertising for your business now!

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