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Improving In-store Marketing with Digital Signage Solutions

With the advent of e-commerce stores, customers have a new shopping destination on the web. More people prefer to buy their goods using online channels nowadays as it has a massive convenience quotient that is missing in the offline purchase experience. How long does it take for you to search the desired product on an online store? Now, compare that with an offline one that needs rigorous searching. Well, you certainly can feel the difference.

In the contemporary digital landscape, there is a growing need for the physical stores to revamp and provide a better customer experience so that people have an incentive to visit the stores to make their purchase. One thing that the traditional store urgently needs is the installation of smart digital signage tools. They need to bring technology into the game to lure in more customers and make an impact! Digital signage tools can help the achieve this easily and boost their in-store marketing altogether.

Digital signage tools should not be thought of as a replacement for the human labour altogether but as an assisting aid that can greatly help to influence purchase decisions and boost conversion rates for the business. A smart digital signage software is needed to bring the whole system in sync and make the most of your digital signage devices. Let’s delve deeper into how digital signage tools will help to boost and alleviate your in-store marketing efforts.

Educate Your Customers

Most products needs some explanation, people need to understand how it works, how can it be setup, etc. This requires educating your customers regarding the product they want to purchase. Digital signage tools along with smart digital signage applications like Donkey Player can help you achieve this goal easily. Moreover, graphic content explanation has a longer impact than any other medium.

Upsell & Cross-sell

With smart digital signage tools, it’s easier for your to demonstrate complementary goods that will work well in conjunction. It will help to increase your average order value from each customer. Customers can also learn about the alternatives available that might be a good fit for them depending on their budget and other requirements.

Aids Customer Support

Providing good customer experience goes a long way, it will help to create a strong brand reputation and gives customers an incentive to shop from your physical store. Digital signage tools can help to provide effective customer support by displaying relevant information, managing queues to announcing offers. It can help you a great deal.

Osel Technology is among the leading players in the Indian digital signage space. It’s latest offering in the form of Donkey player is a revolutionary one. The Donkey Player application provides a comprehensive cloud solution by helping you with managing and monitoring both dynamic and static content being displayed on a wide range of digital signage mediums.


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