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The Role of Digital Signage in Reopening of Organizations

The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected all businesses and individuals to a great extent, no matter how big or small the size of an organisation. Almost all major organisations and institutions, from every industry, was on a shutdown for a long period. Companies had switched to remote working culture by giving their employees the liberty to work from home. Educational institutions had also introduced online teaching methods to facilitate uninterrupted learning even during the pandemic.

Now, slowly as we progress further in the fight against this deadly virus, organisations have started reopening. However, maintaining social distancing and taking other precautionary steps can also be a major challenge in the reopening phase as we are still not 100% COVID free and this could take a while. Digital signage tools along with smart applications like Donkey Player can surely help to keep employees and students safe after the reopening has taken place.

Some of the prominent challenges faced by business and institutions during the reopening phase is providing daily health checks, reducing physical touchpoints, maintaining social distancing, traffic control, etc. Digital signage tools grouped with smart digital signage applications have proved to be a major help in areas such as communication and wayfinding. Let’s dig deeper into how its assisting companies to operate with full efficiency.

Way-finding & Thermal Screening

A major application of digital signage technology can be seen at entrance facilities of various institutions and organisations. Various digital signage tools including self-help kiosks are installed to help people with interactive wayfinding and access control. Mandatory thermal scanning and temperature checks facilities have also been installed by companies to provide a safe work/learning environment. Self-help digital kiosks are largely being used as virtual receptionists to facilitate easy wayfinding.

Effective Communication

Effective communication is the key to achieving the desired level of productivity and meeting the set objectives. The post COVID period demands technological integrations that can help to improve communication. The digital signage tools have been of great help in disseminating key information and real-time updates. Emergency notifications and updated protocols in a workplace/institution have become the need of the hour to facilitate effective communication. Smart digital signage applications like Donkey Player helps with real-time updates in the most efficient manner.

Digital signage tools combined with efficient signage applications like Donkey Player will be a game-changer in the post COVID era when organisations will look forward to providing a safe working/learning environment. Osel Technology is among the industry leaders in the Indian digital signage industry. It has revolutionised the digital signage space with its latest innovation in the form of Donkey Player, a remarkable digital signage application with comprehensive, power-packed features.

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