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Digital Signage in the Manufacturing Landscape/ How Digital Signage Is Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Manufacturing & Safety

At the first glance, many may find digital signage not that useful when it comes to the manufacturing sector. Contrary to this popular belief, there is a wide range of applications for digital signage in the manufacturing industry. One of the major applications that are often overlooked is effective safety communication. You will be surprised to know that injuries in the manufacturing industry contribute to as high as 10% of fatalities. Also, more than 16% of all major injuries are from the manufacturing sector alone.

Now when it comes to effective safety communication, it is important for all organisations but some specific sectors might need it more than the others and better than them. Manufacturing is one such sector that can’t do without safety communication if you are looking to prevent major injuries and fatality rates. Human resource is the most important one for any given organisation and workplace safety should be a priority for all companies.

Digital Signage for Effective Safety Communication

Now, the real questions that come up in our minds are how can these injuries be reduced in the manufacturing sector and how to put an effective safety measure in place to reduce hazards? Well, the good thing is that you can leverage technology to provide a secure work environment. In the manufacturing sector, workplace safety doesn’t just protect people but also helps to reduce pilferage and destructions of stocks. Companies can start effective safety communication by deploying dynamic digital signage display boards that are powered by dynamic digital signage applications like Donkey player.

To start with, organisations can display the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards. The OSHA standards have a broad purview but they also narrow down to industry-based specifics. The old school way to communicate safety standards is using signs and posters but you will have to change them and replace them with new posters constantly. Dynamic digital signage displays can help you manage your content easily and even update new information on a real-time basis. There will be no communication lag since communication is happening in real-time.

Another reason why digital signage is effective here is that digital signage displays are aesthetically appealing and helps to convey the message effectively without any compromise on the message. You can even make presentations using the OSHA resources and show them to the workers constantly to jog their memory. One of the primary requirements here will be a smart digital signage application that allows you to put forward the required content the way you want. Applications like Donkey player are feature-packed to accentuate your digital signage experience.

Ösel Technology is among the industry leaders in the digital signage space, its latest offering in the form of Donkey Player, a smart digital signage application has brought remarkable returns for companies leveraging digital signage tools for effective marketing and communication.


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