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Two Essential Features to Look for While Choosing a Content Management System

Understanding Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) in the most basic sense can be explained as computer software that is used to effectively manage & create digital content on websites. It is essentially software or an application that doesn’t require much technical know-how to edit or modify the content of a webpage. It also helps you to build the content of a website without any exclusive need for coding. Without the presence of an effective CMS, you will need to spend time creating a system for webpages, storing images, and other components related to the basic infrastructure.

Essential Features for CMS

Choosing the right CMS can be a game-changer since a major part of digital signage is run by good content in place in addition to a good set of hardware. You can have the best hardware but without the availability of relevant content powered by effective CMS, you won’t go far in the game. Now that we are familiar with what a CMS is and what all it entails, let’s delve deeper into two of the most essential features that you should always look for while choosing a CMS.

  1. Simple User-Interface

First in the list of essential features is a simple User Interface (UI). You should look at the core benefits of using a content management system to understand this. The CMS aims to simplify the technical end of things, it helps you build and manage a website without having to spend your time on a complex coding process. If you don’t have a simple user-interface in place, the users will likely face challenges navigating. A simple user interface can help you easily understand the system and navigate through it better.

When you are aware of all the ways that you can use a CMS, it will boost your productivity and you will be easily able to push out relevant content for the audience with the help of digital signage hardware tools. Let’s take a scenario to understand why this is important. Suppose your main employee handling the CMS is on sick leave and you need to push out content immediately. Now, a CMS with a simple UI can be accessed and controlled by anyone with some basic idea but a complex one can pose a real challenge.

Single CMS for Entire Network

 The second most crucial feature that you should look for that can also ease your pain is having one CMS for your whole network. You need to look out for a CMS that can handle the entire network of displays. Your content management software or application should be dynamic enough to handle various types of displays including LCD advertising, LED video walls, etc. There is a wide range of messages that needs to be communicated in real-time, your CMS should be equipped to handle changes in real-time an also provide content based on audience analytics. Donkey Player is one of the most effective applications for digital signage in the contemporary that can effortlessly handle and manage your entire network.

Ösel Technology is among the leading players in the digital signage space providing both hardware and software solutions in India. It’s the latest offering in the form of Donkey Player is a massive hit for those looking for a dynamic and reliable digital signage application.

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