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Start-up Guide for Drive-thru Digital Menu Boards/ How to Effectively Use Digital Menu Board to Boost Drive-thru Traffic?

Have you ever noticed what lures you into a food store or a restaurant? Think about the first thing that catches your eyes? Well, it’s most likely those flashy digital boards with the menu or discount offers listed on them. If you are in the food business in the contemporary digital era, you can’t just work with the traditional methods, you need to go digital to beat the competition and stay ahead in the game.

Digital signboards have special significance when it comes to drive-thru food chains. Here the customer doesn’t jump in your store to make a purchase rather they see your offers and place an order from their vehicles. You need to lure them in with attractive offers and meals placed on digital boards. Let’s take a quick look into some of the prominent benefits offered by digital menu/signboards.

Visibility: It’s easier for the customers to recognize a place and read the menu even during night hours.

Scheduling: You can easily preschedule the menu for any time of the day so that the customers can figure out what to have at different intervals.

Promotion: Another significant benefit offered by digital boards is effective marketing and promotion. You can easily use it to display new offers, discounts and offerings.

Remote access: One of the best things about using digital signage tools powered by smart applications such as Donkey Player is that you don’t have to be physically present at the location to make changes. You can do it remotely in real-time.

Digital Menu Boards Variations

Choosing the best and most suitable type of digital menu board for your food business can be tricky. You need to be aware of your audience, geography and your offerings. Usually, the digital menu boards that are used at drive-thru restaurants are of three categories; single screen, double screen, triple screen. Usually, the boards are mounted on one post and feature outdoor grade cabinets to display the content. The most commonly used screen size is 55 inches. A good practice for displaying elements on the screen limits the maximum items number to 20 per screen.

Choosing a Reliable Outdoor Digital Menu Board

The tricky thing about outdoor digital menu boards is that they have to bear the outdoor space and so it needs to be built accordingly, not just a TV inside and enclosure. A reliable outdoor digital menu board should have the below-mentioned features to qualify as a good one.

  • At least 5000 nits high brightness display
  • An anti-reflective display coating material
  • IP 65 aluminium protection including ventilation
  • In-built heater and cooling system
  • In-built media player

Updating Outdoor Digital Menu Boards

 The most basic requirement for updating your outdoor digital menu board includes connecting the media player inside the digital board to the internet using a secure connection. Now, this is just a basic requirement. To smartly manage your content and monitor your customers you need to leverage the power of smart digital signage software such as the Donkey Player that helps to effectively manage content on your digital signage tools. From dynamic content display to data monitoring and real-time updates, it will take care of it all.

Ösel Technology is among the industry leaders in the digital signage space that provide holistic digital signage solutions for all your needs. It’s the latest offering in the form of Donkey Player, a smart digital signage application that has created a buzz among players relying on digital signage to market their offerings. Join the revolution today. Sign-up for the Donkey Player!

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