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Why Companies Should Switch to Digital Signage for Wayfinding? / How Wayfinding Digital Signage Can Be Beneficial for Your Organisation?

When everything is going digital why not your wayfinding systems? Digital way-finding leverages technology to help people navigate from point A to point B. Now, the digital signage powered way-finding solutions do much more than just show directions or replace your traditional static maps. Digital signage provides interactive wayfinding solutions that help people with finding directions. It also helps to effectively communicate any relevant guidelines or dos and don’ts for a particular geography. Let’s delve deeper into some of the most prominent benefits of using digital signage for wayfinding.


One of the major benefits offered by digital signage tools when it comes to way-finding is that it helps to attract more people and catch more eyes. You can leverage motion to draw people’s attention to self-help kiosks which can then assist them with way-finding in an interactive way.


Another important reason for using digital signage in way-finding is its versatility. From animated 3D maps to 2D floor plans and instant directory search, there are numerous ways to present your information. Now the interesting thing here is that all of this is accessible using a single screen.

Responsive design

Gone are the days when static signs were used to assist people in way-finding. Digital signage is the need of the hour as it is far more interactive and provides people with all the needed information. The responsive designs offered by dynamic digital signage applications like Donkey Player helps to improve the overall customer experience.

Stress Buster

Remember the time when you went to an unknown location and were anxious about how you will reach back to the exit gate? Well, it can get stressful for most people when they lose direction in an unknown location. Digital way-finding solutions are a highly interactive medium to help your visitors find their path easily and reduce the chances of stress that might result in absence of a wayfinding solution.

More than directions

Digital way-finding is not just limited to providing directions, the scope of way-finding digital signage expands far beyond this. One can leverage a user-intuitive interface to communicate a wide range of information using a single screen.

How to Choose a Suitable Way-finding Solution?

In the modern digital age, way-finding solutions are omnipresent, mostly you will find these interactive solutions in public places like airport, bus stations, malls, school campus, etc. When it comes to choosing a suitable wayfinding solution you should learn about your audience and how they interact in the surrounding where you plan to install these interactive tools.

One way to approach this is to combine digital signage solutions with traditional plaque signs. A good practice is to offer self-help touchscreen kiosks loaded with directories and maps that are also easy to navigate. It is imperative to keep a robust digital signage application like Donkey Player for managing the content that you will be putting on these way-finding digital signage tools.

Ösel Technology is among the leading players in the Indian digital signage space that offer a holistic digital signage solution for a wide range of applications. The latest inclusion in its offerings in the form of Donkey Player, a versatile digital signage application to take care of all your content management needs, has helped Osel Tech revolutionise the digital signage space.

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