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The Need for Smart Content Management Software for Players in the Banking Industry/ How Digital Transformation Has Reshaped the Banking Industry Using Powerful Content Management Solutions?

The banking and finance industry has undergone a massive transformation in the past decade. The need for transparent policies along with regulatory bodies became very evident after the 2008 global financial crisis. Although the banking sector has been very traditional in its approach to serving its customers, the recent digital revolution has transformed the industry altogether. Digital banking has taken the wheel and customers have never been more grateful.

The need for managing digital content has never been this high. Since banks are relying heavily on digital channels to serve their customers, they need to have a robust content management application like Donkey Player that provides them with much-needed flexibility when it comes to managing online content. A responsive CMS design helps to provide a seamless and secure digital banking experience to customers on multiple devices. This helps to boost customer experience and add more customers easily.

How Banks Have Banked on the Digital Revolution?

Banks and financial institutions have had massive success with digital credit that has changed the banking industry to quite an extent. Now customers can avail credit from banks and financial institutions 80% faster and the cost of the same has also been reduced by almost 40%, again adding to the customer satisfaction quotient. In addition to this, the decision-making time has also been drastically reduced by almost 50% in most cases. All this has been possible due to the paradigm shift that favours digital banking services.

Customer satisfaction and experience can be further improved by incorporating smart content management software in the digital banking endeavours. “Mobile-first, Digital everything”, has been the latest mantra of JP Morgan Chase that helped it to grow its total digital customer figure to 48 million in the second quarter of 2018. The absence of a dynamic digital signage software can crumble your efforts to grow your turnover and customer figures.

Advantages of Using Digital Signage for Banks

Let’s look at some of the most prominent benefits of using digital signage for the banking segment.

  • Enhances in-branch customer experience

With the advancement of online banking services, the need to transform the traditional brick and mortar setup has been indispensable. Using smart digital signage enhances the customer experience and makes it more consumer friendly as people are accustomed to using digital screens.

  • Assists Queue Management

Another major challenge of physical banking locations that deters customers from going to banks is the presence of long queues. With smart and interactive digital signage powered by a dynamic application like Donkey Player, banks can easily manage the customers. Interactive Self-help kiosks are also being extensively used to provide ‘Do it Yourself’ and reduce queues.


Ösel Technology has been the harbinger of the digital signage revolution in India. It is leading the charge by providing holistic digital signage solutions to a wide range of businesses and corporations. It’s the latest addition in the form of Donkey Player, a digital signage software, has truly helped to make it a holistic solution provider. Boost your content management efforts with the dynamic Donkey Player by Osel Tech!

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