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How Digital Signage Is Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry

Have you noticed a growing number of digital displays everywhere around you? Well, digital signage has been widely accepted by various businesses to improve their customer service and boost marketing ROI. It has also found a special significance in the hospitality industry. The new generation of digital signage applications such as Donkey Player is making the digital signage experience far better. Let’s delve deeper into how digital signage is revolutionizing the hospitality sector.

  • Automatic Check-In Screens

 Have you ever found it frustrating to follow the check-in protocols at a hotel after a tiring trip? Well, it happens with most of us who just want to hop into a bed and relax after a trip. Well, digital check-in kiosks are being used by the players in the hospitality industry to overcome this challenge and provide a hassle-free way to check into a hotel. The interactive digital kiosks allow guests to check-in themselves without any complications. They can even get information regarding the availability of rooms, add meals, and opt for other services.

  • Digital Menu Boards

 If you are in the hospitality business, you need to understand how to effectively present your menu to the visitors so that they don’t have a hard time ordering. Digital menu boards provide an interactive medium to display the offerings of your hotel or restaurant. With effective digital signage applications such as Donkey Player, you can manage your digital menu board’s content.

  • Welcome Screens

 The hospitality industry is the one that needs to put in extra effort in improving the customer experience. There are plenty of variables that add to the overall positive customer experience. Digital signage has been a blessing in disguise for the players in the hospitality industry. From welcome screens in the reception area to wayfinding across the property, it adds a whole lot of value for the customers and helps to alleviate their overall experience. Welcome screens can be used for multiple purposes such as welcoming important guests, sharing relevant content for the common audience such as news, weather forecasts, etc.

  • Wayfinding

Have you ever got lost inside a big resort or hotel? Well, many a time, people experience difficulty in finding a path. Digital wayfinding helps to ease navigation. Now, this can range from screens with arrows pointing in a given direction to interactive digital kiosks which do much more than assist you with wayfinding. Using digital kiosks, you can search for whichever part of the property you want to go to and you will be provided with detailed instructions. You may also find out the layout of the place using the same.

Osel Technology is among the leading players in the digital signage space. It has a wide range of digital signage offerings, from hardware to technology it takes a holistic approach to cater to your digital signage needs.

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