Shopping Malls can Gain Much More ROI by Opting for Digital LED Signage
September 19, 2019
Union Minister, Pratap Sarangi Inaugurates Ösel’s State-of-the-Art LED Display Manufacturing Plant
October 15, 2019

The digital out of home (DOOH) industry in India presently comprises around 2% of the overall OOH industry in the country and that share is expected to increase to around 5% by 2023. Considering the tremendous potential of DOOH advertising in a large and mature market like India, it is indeed a little surprising to see such modest growth projections for this industry. The outdoor LED display board manufacturers in India can take heart from the fact that this is an excellent opportunity for the industry to grow since the market is wide open. Businesses that are resourceful and efficient, can gain tremendously in this market.

Strong fundamentals of DOOH industry

There is no outright competition between a dynamic digital outdoor LED screen and a static print signage since DOOH is generations ahead in all counts. To begin with, the billboard space utilization will grow manifold because DOOH enables display of multiple messages across multiple screens in multiple locations. A billboard media company, with DOOH sites spread across the country can manage it centrally from a single application that runs on Cloud, through a mobile device. That’s way too advanced for static print billboard to match.

What causes slower adoption of DOOH in India?

If the Indian billboard market is yet to adopt digital outdoor LED display board options on a much larger scale than it has done so far, it is because certain legacy hurdles are still standing firm. One such hurdle is the presumption that DOOH is costlier than static print flex although all ROI projections clearly indicate that the investment on DOOH achieves breakeven in the short run itself. The simplest comparison is that a DOOH billboard can sell display space to multiple brands for their multiple messages on a single screen.

DOOH adoption will soon pick up pace

The revenue from such multiple displays will breakeven the cost in a matter of months wherein, the lifespan of a DOOH outdoor LED screen is several years. Comparing such a multifaceted solution with a single-use plastic material (flex) that carries just one message on one screen at a time, is like comparing chalk to cheese. With original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Ösel, offering world class DOOH display systems at reasonable prices, it won’t be long before the Indian OOH market swings towards DOOH at scale.

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