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September 23, 2019
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Union Minister, Pratap Sarangi Inaugurates Ösel’s State-of-the-Art LED Display Manufacturing Plant

The Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, and Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Mr. Pratap Chandra Sarangi, inaugurated Ösel’s new state-of-the-art LED display manufacturing plant at Greater Noida on Friday, 11 October 2019. This is the first of its kind of LED display manufacturing plant in India, where almost the entire lot of these display systems are imported, mainly from China. Hence, this plant is a major step toward self-reliance of a critical product that will revolutionize large format display communication in India.

Ösel is currently one of the few original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of digital LED signage display systems in India. The LED display solutions are designed for – indoor | outdoor | semi-outdoor settings and they are gaining popularity in the transportation, hospitality, education, retail and OOH advertising among many others.

Why Digital LED Signage Solutions?

The advantages offered by dynamic digital LED signage solutions over conventional static print signage is well-proven. LED signage solutions have made large-format OOH advertising, a win-win solution for all stakeholders – signage location owners | signage owners | billboard contractors | brands that advertise on digital signage screens | consumers, who see the advertisements.

The benefit for the end-user or consumer is enabled by remarkably higher efficiency of digital LED signage solutions as compared to conventional static print signage display. Dynamic DOOH is generations ahead of Static OOH in all counts and with its adoption, the billboard space utilization in India will grow manifold since DOOH enables display of multiple messages across multiple screens in multiple locations, simultaneously.

Union Minister, Pratap Sarangi Inaugurates

Union Minister, PC Sarangi lights the ceremonial lamp along with Ms. Jyotsna Jawahar, Director, Osel and then addressed the large audience.

Boost Self-Reliance, Make in India, Digital India and Smart Cities Program  

It is noteworthy that the Indian digital LED signage solutions industry is heavily dependent on imports today and in this situation, Osel has taken this giant step to reduce the country’s dependence on import, save forex, further improve digitalisation, protect environment and contribute toward the country’s growth through Make in India and Digital India.

Ösel’s ultra-modern plant for manufacture of digital LED signage systems in India will reduce dependence on imports and promises to boost self-reliance in this vital sector with far-reaching impact across all industries. At the same time, it will have a great impact in the country’s flagship smart city program.

Environment-friendly – will check proliferation of single-use plastic (SUP) 

India produces approximately 1.4 billion square feet of PVC flex every month and imports 690 million square feet of PVC flex from South Korea every month. That is a huge load of SUP getting disposed every month, adding massively to the already serious level of SUP pollution in the country’s environment.

Digital LED signage solutions or DOOH advertising is the best option to control proliferation of single-use plastic in large format OOH display advertising. The conventional static print signage uses polymer flex sheets or substrate for displaying a single message and then disposes it at the end of the display duration. This is proving to be very harmful to the environment.

Adoption of digital LED signage solutions or DOOH by the advertising industry in India will go a long way in controlling the proliferation of single-use plastic. For instance, the digital LED signage display systems have a lifespan of one lakh hours of display time, which is long enough to last many years and save the environment from polymer flex wastage generated by the single-use conventional static print signage displays.

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