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October 15, 2019
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LED Digital Hoarding Boards in Petrol Pumps Offer Great Opportunities

One of the most vibrant spots for outdoor billboard advertising in India are the petrol pumps spread all across the country. After all, the advertising display boards in petrol pumps have a rare advantage over most other outdoor display locations. They attract a captive audience of affluent car owners waiting in queue for an average of 5 minutes to fuel their cars and nothing else to do but look at the display boards. Unfortunately, 98% of such display boards have just a single static ad to show, which is underutilization of the display space. An LED digital hoarding board can significantly boost revenue scope here.

Outdoor hoardings in India must go digital now

The Indian outdoor advertising market is worth nearly Rs. 5,000 crores and it is quite mature in terms of monetization of display space despite about 98% of it being static. The revenue potential can increase many times more if the display space is utilized more effectively by adopting LED digital hoarding advertising. Such display boards enable display of multiple ads/messages on a single screen, which means, it can accommodate multiple advertisers and earn many times more revenue than what static display boards can hope to earn.

More rationalized display cost for advertisers

Outdoor hoarding space in petrol pumps is quite expensive in India and for advertisers to purchase display space exclusively for a single advertisement/message, for a minimum of one month is quite exorbitant. It means, only large businesses with huge financial resources can afford such outdoor display space but even they will struggle to do so consistently. The only way to deal with this situation is to adopt LED digital hoarding board as it can display multiple ads both static as well as video on a single such screen. This can reduce the cost for individual advertisers and ensure much more revenue for the hoarding/billboard owner.

Easier access to equipment and expertise

One of the reasons for petrol pumps choosing to continue using static outdoor display hoardings is that LED digital hoarding advertising screens were not manufactured in India till recently. Ösel Tech’s state-of-the-art LED display manufacturing plant, which recently began production in Greater Noida, has given a boost to the country’s Make in India and Digital India programs. The localized production is eliminating the need for costly imports that are also characterized by poor servicing. Petrol pump owners need to take advantage of world-class ‘Made in India” LED display screens backed by excellent servicing to earn much higher advertising revenue.

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