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Ösel LED Displays for the Healthcare Sector can Make a Huge Impact

LED Displays for the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare sector in India plays a critical role in the country’s socio-economic development. Health related emergencies are quite common in a large country like India, where climatic conditions vary from one region to another. A lot of critical information is shared by the healthcare centres like dispensaries, hospitals and super specialty hospitals across the country. One vital mode of communication is large format displays like billboards, wall displays and portable standees. Ösel’s LED display screens can enhance the display potential with multiple, moving images that accommodate more messages much faster.

Effective use of LED displays in waiting areas

Most folks at the waiting areas of healthcare centres are stressed with their conditions and it is desirable for the hospital management to make them feel a little comfortable. Static screens won’t make much impact on them and hence dynamic digital screens should be the choice for healthcare centres. LED display screens at the waiting areas of hospitals help reduce perceived wait times by engaging the patients and those accompanying them. They can display token numbers, videos related to the hospital, health-related news, hospital updates and much more.

Emergency messages and way-finding signage

Among the most critical utilities of LED display screens in hospitals, is the real time emergency messaging option. Digital screens placed at different points in the hospital can be very helpful as emergency response tools by enabling display of urgent messages like blood, medicine or oxygen requirement, among many others. In large hospitals and super specialty centres, the facilities are often spread across vast areas, where it is difficult for patients and their accomplices to find their way around. Dynamic digital signage can help with way-finding information along with other necessary directional information.

Ösel offers world-class LED products in India

The use of LED display screens in the healthcare industry in India is limited to a few super specialty hospitals and that too, in limited numbers. Static PVC flex signage is still used extensively by most of the healthcare facilities in India despite the higher long term cost of using this option. One reason for this situation is that almost the entire quantum of digital signage screens in use across India, are imported. Ösel is the first indigenous manufacturer of world class digital signage systems, which it offers at competitive prices and backs it up with excellent servicing support. Ösel already has a number of prominent installations across the country.

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