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November 6, 2019
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November 18, 2019

Advantages of Installing LED Display Boards in Indian Railway Stations

There are around 200 junction stations spread across the Indian Railways network which are basically major intersection points having more platforms and much more passenger footfalls. As major transit points, these junction stations are ideal locations for out of home or OOH advertising agencies that are keen to get these locations on lease or rent. In fact, they have already rented or leased display spaces in most of these junction stations but are using outdated and ineffective static display methods. To avoid under-utilization of such excellent display locations, installing LED display boards is the need of the hour.

LED display boards for railway stations

There are many advantages of using digital display solutions and the most significant one is the huge revenue enhancement potential that it offers in comparison to static display screens. In terms of the cost that advertisers bear for static display space, the cost for dynamic digital displays on the same location will be much less along with a much better impact on viewers. That’s because digital screens allow multiple ads/messages to be displayed multiple times, which allows the screen owner to accommodate ads/messages of multiple clients. In this manner the cost gets distributed across multiple advertisers.

Many other benefits of digital displays

Installing LED display boards in place of static PVC flex signage displays is environmentally desirable and also in compliance with the government’s war on single use plastic (SUP). PVC flex signage is an SUP variant, which is disposed of at the end of the display duration, ranging between 30 and 60 days. On the other hand, it is also in sync with the government’s flagship Digital India initiative that is aimed at digitization of all sectors of the country’s economy. The OOH display industry in India is almost entirely dependent on PVC flex signage and replacing these with digital displays is critical for preventing SUP pollution.

Ösel – a reliable Indian manufacturer of LED display boards

Ösel Tech is the first indigenous manufacturer and supplier of world-class digital display solutions with advanced capability with its state-of-the-art LED display manufacturing plant in Greater Noida, UP. This is a noteworthy endeavour in a market that is almost entirely dependent on costly and cumbersome imports. Ösel is not merely a ‘Make in India’ initiative with advanced manufacturing capability but also a 360° digital display solution provider offering excellent servicing support. Ösel already has many notable installations in government enterprises, meeting all quality benchmarks that make it a reliable brand.

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