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September 16, 2019
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Shopping Malls can Gain Much More ROI by Opting for Digital LED Signage

Shopping malls are among the most visited places across urban centres in India as they offer comprehensive entertainment and recreation options to the average family. Such folks come loaded with cash to spend at the malls and are obviously a huge attraction for the big brands that want to reach out to them. The mall management makes it a point to install LED display board of varying sizes across all the vantage points inside the mall, that are most likely to attract the attention of visitors. The quality of display needs to be very good in order to make the right impact on the visitors and induce them to make purchase decisions.

Most Malls Have Static Print Signage

Presently, the bulk of the signage displays in malls or anywhere else in India are static printed variants as the management in most malls still mistakenly believe them to be cheaper. They apparently use an old outdated method of calculation whereby they directly compare the price of a single static print signage with that of installing a dynamic digital LED display screen. This is a grossly erroneous calculation because a print signage can display just one message at one location while a digital LED signage can display multiple messages on one screen at one location.

Static Print Signage Is No Match for Dynamic Digital Signage

The lifespan of an Osel digital LED display board is 100,000 hours compared to the single use option of a static print signage. Let alone, the number of displays across 100,000 hours, a digital signage with just 1000 hours will offer much better return on investment (ROI) than a static print signage because it can display multiple messages. These will include both static and dynamic messages of multiple clients that can be played multiple times across these 1000 hours and earn many times more income than what a static print signage can earn.

Many Times More ROI from Digital Signage

Digital LED display screen from Ösel has been engineered for producing superb picture quality along with cabinets made of ultra-slim die-cast aluminium which enables easy handling and installation. Shopping malls or out of home (OOH) media companies that make the switchover from static print signage to digital signage, stand to gain far higher ROI than they ever earned before. Instead of one screen space locked up by a single message of a single client, they can now display multiple messages of multiple clients, multiple times in a day. This is a win-win situation for all stakeholders in the deal.

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