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Ösel’s LED Video Wall for Broadcast Studios and Command and Control Centres

In most TV broadcast news rooms across India, the LED video wall is gradually becoming a permanent feature, as a dynamic backdrop and as a large format TV screen displaying live updates. This is the best viewing experience that TV news audiences can get today but it also requires highly advanced technology to run such a system. Ösel offers the best-in-class options for such video walls to be installed in news broadcast studios. The LCD screen just can’t stand in comparison with LED screens such as video walls, which come with seamless splicing where no bezels are visible, allowing it to display high resolution visual content quite easily.

Ösel is Preferred By India’s National Broadcaster

Doordarshan, India’s national broadcaster recently began installing its own video walls at its news studios and started the process with the installation of 10 LED video wall units from Ösel at its Mandi House headquarters. This made it possible for the national broadcaster to improve the viewing experience of its audience remarkably. The programs aired from Doordarshan has acquired a higher qualitative dimension in terms of visuals with the video walls from Ösel. The world-class picture quality and content management is also significant.

Command and Control Centres Need High Quality Video Walls

A country of sub-continental dimensions that experiences extreme geographic variations across its different regions, India endures natural calamities like flood in one region and storm in another. The search and rescue teams that operate in such areas need better coordination with the local command and control centre. These teams have been performing exceptionally over the years by sheer dint of great work ethic and their own skills and experience but they deserve to operate under less stress. As one of the most reputed manufacturers of LED video wall in India, Ösel can fulfil the needs of such command and control centres.

Best-In-Class Picture Quality and Content Management

Ösel is a leading manufacturer of LED video wall in India and is driven by in-house research that created a truly advanced content management system to run the video wall units. It doesn’t matter whether it is just a few units of the video wall or multiple units spread across a vast geographic area, Ösel offers the most advanced digital signage solution, which is quite easy to use. Depending on what purpose the video wall serves, the software team at Ösel will customize the software accordingly and ensure that it is very easy to operate.

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