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August 30, 2019
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Ösel Primea can be an Unbeatable Instructional Tool in a Classroom

The classroom experience can undergo a dramatic transformation if the blackboard is replaced with digital LED board. Take the case of a primary school classroom where the teacher has to struggle to keep the students interested in what she is teaching them on the blackboard. With just a blackboard and a chalk the options with the teacher are quite limited and also time-taking as she has to write all the points she is teaching the children including many of the summaries. In this situation, if the teacher has an Ösel Primea indoor digital signage screen instead of the blackboard, her class will transform into a smart class.

A true smart class

The art of handwriting can’t be wished away and neither is it desirable because it is a critical tool of instruction. It is the outdated blackboard that needs to be replaced with a digital signage display in India because that is the surest way to improve the quality of education and help the new generation of students cope with the fast-evolving digital economy. The only difference is students will refer soft copies of their text books along with the hard copy editions and the same would apply to their notebooks.

Stunning picture quality

Geography teachers in earlier times always wished they had instant access to the physical features of the different regions of the world to show their students how the climatic conditions of a particular place impacts its topography and natural vegetation. Today, this can be shown in a spectacular way on Ösel Primea LED board inside a classroom where the geography teacher can show high quality images of the tropical grasslands of Africa and compare them to the temperate grasslands of Central Asia with just a few taps of a tablet.

The Ösel advantage

An educational institution interested in an Ösel Primea digital signage display in India can rest assured that it will get a world-class product with servicing support to match. This is a breakthrough digital signage display with the best narrow pixel pitch indoor LED display in the industry. It has excellent signal processing capability along with a high refresh rate that ensures a smooth and seamless visual experience. The fan-less and metal-cooling feature of the signage is another major advantage that makes it noise-free and more preferable in the classroom.

Dev Kumar
Dev Kumar
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