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Get More Out of Outdoor LED Displays with This 7-Point Checklist

So, you have seen enough digital signage boards peering at you from every corner of malls, buildings, roads, etc., to convince you that you need an outdoor LED display solution for your business. Now, how do you make sure that your LED display screen is implemented successfully and gets you maximum engagement and retgurn on investment? This 7-point checklist will help you do just that.

IP Rating

The first thing to keep in mind is the safety of your outdoor LED display screen. The device must be able to withstand extreme elements such as strong wind gusts, heavy rains, dust storms, etc. Which is why, to ensure your LED display is completely safe from dust and water, a weatherproof rating of IP68 is advisable.

Screen Brightness

Keep in mind that your display screen not only has to attract viewers during nighttime, it has to compete with the sunlight during the day. This means you cannot act stingy when it comes to choosing the brightness. An LED display with ultra-high brightness is best for outdoor installations. Most good screens come with auto-adjusting brightness mechanism which helps to save on electricity bills also.

Display Location

No matter how brilliant the screen you choose is, it would not be able to gather the desired eyeballs until it is placed at a location which receives high footfall. One wrong decision in terms of installation location can mar your project faster than you can say display!

Device Safety

For outdoor display projects, especially those who are placed on the ground or at the eye-level, vandalism, intentional violence and burglary are as big a threat as extreme weather. Therefore, you need a tamper-proof casing with proper locks to display your screens in.

Seamless Connectivity

While indoor LEDs, more often than not, do not face connectivity issues with regard to power and broadband access, the same cannot be said for outdoor projects. So, ensuring seamless connectivity and uninterrupted power supply should be on your priority list while installing any outdoor LED display screen.

Customer Service

All LED screens look good on the day they are installed. But can the same be said 2 months or 2 years down the line? The performance of your outdoor LED display screen depends on both the manufacturer as well as timely service and maintenance. As such, you need to ensure your LED screen supplier is best when it comes to both device engineering and customer service.

Engaging Content

Last but not least, your top-quality outdoor digital display will not be able to give you any returns if you do not feed it with eye-catching, relevant, and engaging content. Apart from the text and videos, you would be using, you also need to pay attention to the colors, fonts, and design layout of the content.

You can use this checklist to ascertain your outdoor LED display project is implemented and executed in a manner that it fetches maximum engagement and return on your investment. And if you think you can use a little help, get in touch with best LED screen manufacturers in India by clicking here.

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