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March 25, 2019
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April 1, 2019

Immersive Viewing Experience That Curved LED Panels Offer

curved LED displays

The flexibility and versatility of LED display systems offers tremendous potential for utilizing surfaces that are not always flat and can be curved or even rotund. Take a backdrop in a front office setting that is circular; before LED displays came into the market, such circular surfaces could only accommodate still print images. Today, there are curved LED panels that fit seamlessly across the curvature of the surface, not just indoors but also outdoors. This has extended the reach and scope of wide format LED display and added another dimension to the audience perception of such displays. There are different degrees of curvature depending on the surface and it gives marketers a wider area to communicate their message.

The advantage of moving images on display systems

From an exhibition or trade show booth right up to the entire side of a building, a moving LED screen can make a deep impression on viewers. To begin with, moving images including video displays attract much more customer attention than still images. Add to that, the huge size of the display on a curved surface and you have an LED display system that is truly unique. Today, we also have screens that are far superior in terms of make and build as they are sleeker, more compact and durable. These LED display systems offer amazing colour range and resolution too, which makes them the favourite of marketers trying to reach their audiences more effectively.

Immersive experience on curved displays

The curved surface of a seamless video display offer many advantages such as their ability to adapt to various environments and provide the audience with a sense of depth. The shape of LED display systems are now becoming flexible not just across smaller surfaces but also on large format display systems. Most marketers would like to offer an immersive experience to their audience viewing their advertisements on curved LED panels that give them a peripheral vision. It allows the viewer to virtually ‘walk into’ the display where the moving ad or video ‘surrounds’ them. That is an awesome experience for the viewer and if the message is creatively and clearly conveyed, the impact can be really good.

Advanced technology that ensures smooth functioning

For a moving LED screen to create the right impact on viewers, the display system should have the basic technology to ensure seamless images and uninterrupted displays. In addition to that, the picture quality should also be of the desired level and that is possible only when the pixel density is high enough. The LED display should have the specific adaptability metrics for indoor and outdoor displays. While the brightness on outdoor LED display systems need to be high, for indoor LED displays it should have high grey levels and low brightness. The modules making up the display screen should not have any bezels and must offer seamless splicing, i.e. the viewer should be able to see only a single screen without any distortions.

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