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August 2, 2019
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August 13, 2019

Clear Advantages Offered by Supreme-X Aero Outdoor LED Display Board

Outdoor billboard advertising in India is widespread across the urban landscape as well as in the network of highways spread out across the country. Over the last two decades the facades of many new buildings in the major cities are allowing signage displays to be mounted on their surface. However, this entire industry still uses static print signage screens in these billboards, which results in major losses when compared to investment in outdoor LED display board. The return on investment (ROI) that such a system offers is many times more than what the static print display board can offer.

High Cost of Static Print Signage

The sheer logistics of managing static print signage is quite an expensive affair every time a new message is to be mounted on the signage. The billboard site owner or contractor, whoever is in charge of the site, would have to first get the new message printed, the old screen dismounted from the billboard and then, get the new screen mounted. Apart from the cost of printing the new message on a new substrate, there are labour charges for all these functions in addition to the cost of transporting the new screens to the site. Compared to that, an outdoor LED display board is set up just once and new messages are managed remotely.

Long Term Durability

A major advantage of using an outdoor LED display board is that it doesn’t require printing, transporting, mounting and dismantling the screen every time the message is changed. Ösel Supreme-X Aero digital LED screens are among the best outdoor display systems in their class that have a slim build and are light in weight. They are also robust enough to withstand the toughest outdoor environmental conditions. Embedded with highly advanced Cloud tech, this digital LED signage allows multiple messages to be displayed multiple times across multiple screens and in multiple locations.

Excellent ROI

Supreme-X Aero outdoor LED display board is engineered to function most optimally in tough outdoor environments. It offers 5,000 hours of non-stop performance and has a lifespan of 100,000 hours, which ensures excellent ROI. Rather than have a single advertiser lease the signage space for a specified period, signage operators can optimize and sell display space to multiple advertisers and earn many times more revenue. This will rationalize display rates and increase demand from a larger client base.

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Dev Kumar
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