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May 16, 2019
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May 22, 2019

Fence Digital Signage Displays From Ösel Are a Cut Above the Rest

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Fence digital signage solutions are rapidly growing in importance in the world of Indian sports covering popular disclipines like cricket, hockey, football, kabbadi, badminton, table tennis, etc. The fence signage displays are generally found in the space between the playing arena and the stands where the spectators sit. During the major leagues in these sporting disciplines, the fence signage displays are booked by leading advertisers well in advance. That’s because the sport authorities who manage the sale of display space in these fence signage displays, hike up the cost of displays. They also commit seamless and hassle-free display in return for the prices they charge.

Meeting the needs of the growing sports industry in India

The popularity of fence signage displays is very high among stakeholders like advertisers especially the top brands, the media aggregators who obtain lease of these display systems and the sports authorities. The Indian Premier League (IPL), which is the most popular T20 cricket league in the world, ranks sixth among the biggest sporting leagues in the world. The advertisers utilizing the fence digital signage services at the IPL pay huge sums of money for display of their messages. They won’t be amused if the displays are not seamless and hassle-free and hence the fence signage owners want to make sure that they use the best available fence digital displays.

High quality display systems from Ösel

The fence digital signage solutions from Ösel offer the full range of advantages like resistance to impact, seamless splicing, excellent brightness and wide viewing angles. The fence digital signage displays are made from waterproof and flexible material that is immune against rain and dust as well as impact from colliding players. For outdoor display systems like the fence digital displays, the level of brightness is of critical importance because it is directly related to picture quality, which in turn, is related to customer satisfaction.

The fence digital displays from Ösel offer ultra-high brightness and contrast ratios that produce great picture quality in both bright sunny as well as overcast conditions. The other vital advantages offered by Ösel fence digital displays are seamless splicing and wide viewing angles that only the best quality digital signage displays provide.

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