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May 13, 2019
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May 20, 2019

Ösel LED Video Wall Offers Excellent ROI for the Broadcast Media

The broadcast media studios today have a different look and feel because of the massive video LED wall screens displaying events in real time. There was a time not very long back, when no screen displaying news and events could be seen behind the news anchor. Gradually smaller sized screens began appearing behind the news anchors a few years ago. Today, most broadcast newsrooms have massive video walls that cover almost all or the entire backdrop behind the news anchor. Ösel broadcast control room solutions are designed to provide high-quality video and graphics content for such news media.

Use of video walls in news bulletins

The news bulletin screen that is visible to the viewer is highly dynamic with multiple updates appearing in quick frequency. The video wall needs to be utilized optimally in order to display all this data in the most appealing way. This is where the content management system (CMS) of a video LED wall is critical because it manages the display of the message on the massive display screen. The desired display of the message on the video wall is what gives it meaning and makes it valuable as a unique large format display system. Integration of Cloud tech to enable such dynamic displays make it ideal for the broadcast media.

Election result coverage

One of the most popular programs in the Indian news media is election result coverage and the panel discussions that happen simultaneously. The broadcast control room solutions from Ösel are designed to perform optimally in order to handle all the data and stats that are updated on a minute to minute basis. At any given point of time, a screen may display one or more correspondents reporting from specific locations to continuous updates of the number of seats won by the parties in contention as well as frequent updates of news from other segments. Overall, it’s a highly dynamic load of content on the screen that can be managed best with an Ösel video wall.

Coverage of Indian Premier League (IPL)

IPL is one of the most followed sporting extravaganzas of the world stretching for over a month and generating revenue in billions. Cricket is a game full of stats and coverage of an average IPL match involves the integration of all these stats along with both the running commentary as well as panel discussions and interviews. When the experts cover the superstars of the game it also involves a whole lot of data about the star cricketer in addition to the discussion. Such data is not just his IPL career average but also his shot play percentages if he’s a batsman or his length bowling percentages if he’s a bowler among others.

An Ösel LED video wall at the studio can bring in a panoramic view of the playing arena just like the view from the media enclosure at the stadium. It can similarly bring in ground reports of election coverage from various party offices where multitudes of supporters can be seen celebrating the victory of their candidates. It is important that a video wall functions optimally with minimum maintenance and complete ease of use. Ösel products are among the best that can be found anywhere and they are also economical as they are manufactured entirely in India.

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