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May 9, 2019
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May 16, 2019

Ösel Edgester for Indian Railway Booking Offices and Waiting Rooms

One of the best locations for any large format display screen is where people are either waiting or moving very slowly. In this respect, the booking offices and waiting rooms of Indian Railways offer an excellent opportunity to marketers interested in taking advantage of this unique situation. All major railway stations in India have waiting areas and booking offices with seating arrangements for the passengers. Ösel Edgester indoor LED display solutions are perfectly suited for such locations as the splendid picture quality it offers, will amplify any marketing message and produce a larger impact on your audience.

Multiple messaging options in LED display systems

Over 23 million people travel in Indian Railways every day, which is the same as the entire population of Australia. A large number of such people could be found standing in queues at the booking office to get their journey reservation. This is an ideal place to grab the attention of this crowd that has significant disposable income. All the stakeholders stand to gain from advertising on LED screens at railway booking offices because it increases the revenue-earning potential considerably. Where a static print screen displays a single image, an LED board can display multiple messages endlessly.

Similarly, waiting halls in the major railway stations also have a continuous stream of people coming in to wait for different lengths of time in these halls depending on their train timings. The Ösel Edgester LED display can create the right impact on this huge audience across Indian Railway station waiting for spaces.

Edgester offers top quality performance

The Edgester indoor LED display solutions from Ösel are specifically designed to create a great impact with dynamic and stunning images. This LED display system has high contrast black LED lamps that provide a seamless and uniform black mask for exquisite images. The cabinet of this display is ultra slim and very light in weight, making it really easy to transport after disassembling the unit. Its fast lock design and adjustable side locks enable easy and convenient installation even by a single person. This particular LED screen comes with front maintenance that will help you control cost to a large extent.

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