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May 6, 2019
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Ösel LED Display Systems for Optimizing Communications in Bank Branches

One of the common sights inside a bank is the large number of marketing communication displays informing customers of updates and new investment plans. The sheer number of people stepping into a bank branch every day, is quite large and many of them have substantial amounts of disposable cash that need to be invested in the right investment plans. Unlike tangible products that can be seen and felt, investment plans are all about information presented in several textual formats. Printed static displays are inadequate for covering this information load and that’s where Ösel’s LED display digital posters make the critical difference with their technology and versatility.

LED displays ensure better space utilization

A typical bank branch in India operates in far less space as compared to the number of people that visit the branch. In this situation, it is quite difficult to properly accommodate the bank’s customers and visitors let alone display space for static print standees and other such displays. This means that an average bank has limited space for indoor advertising LED display screen, which is used up by static print displays that are inadequate for the purpose. Therefore, what banks need, are LED display screens that can display multiple messages on a single screen, as many times as required.

A versatile LED display for multiple messaging  

When a bank branch installs a couple to a few of these LED display units, they are able to show the entire range of messages that they need to display at their branch. The Ösel CarryO LED display digital posters are versatile products that can be used both as standees as well as wall-mounted units and can display all the messages the branch needs to show every day. Just a couple of these display units are good enough for a small branch and all doubts of their effectiveness can be put to rest. This is because it’s a proven fact that moving displays attract many times more attention than static displays.

Operating an LED display system

An indoor advertising LED display screen like CarryO is a plug and play system that can display a wide range of messages that the branch needs to display. It offers remote content management via Cloud, which is accessible on a mobile phone allowing the branch head to control the messages s/he wants to send out to customers. A wide range of messages can be displayed on such an LED display screen e.g. notifications, stock and currency market information, RBI regulations, policy changes, products and services, promotions and much more. This will free up vital space inside the branch and also help them avoid the cumbersome print production process of static display units.

The LED display systems today are highly advanced with easy-to-use and maintain features that are getting better by the day. However, not all LED display systems found in India, offer these benefits as there are very few original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) like Ösel with their own production unit. Hence, banks need to look for LED display systems manufactured by reputed and reliable OEMs to sustain their investments in the long run.

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