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May 2, 2019
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May 9, 2019

Indoor LED Display Solutions Will Improve Passenger Convenience in Indian Railways

The use of indoor LED display solutions in railway stations can be optimized for passenger convenience by choosing high quality LED display systems from Osel. That’s because the profile of railway passengers are going up and so are their expectations. A very large segment of passengers want better services for high prices they pay for premium class tickets. The market is still dominated by static displays that are printed mainly in flex and paper. The dynamic LED display systems offer a unique viewing experience to the audiences and great ROI to location owners, display system owners as well as the advertisers.

A better passenger information system

Indian Railways has been trying to improve availability of information to passengers by offering more than just arrival and departure times. It has begun offering other engaging content as well such as news and entertainment, along with safety and emergency related information. Indian Railways can remarkably improve the viewing experience of its passengers with transparent LED poster displays from Ösel that are best in class. Not only will it display real-time information for passengers but also act as comprehensive passenger information system that can display advertisements as well.

Digital display of reservation chart

One of the main features in the passenger information systems of Indian Railways is the reservation chart. This is an outdated system of pinning or clipping up reams of printed sheets on a dedicated chart board in one specific part of a station, just an hour before the train is to depart. The chaos that is created in front of the chart board is increasingly becoming a challenge for passengers with uncertain reservation status. Looking for the name of a passenger on that chart is the same as looking for a pin in a haystack. The indoor LED display solutions from Ösel can bring revolutionary changes to this situation.

Indian Railways can of course, make multiple use of transparent LED poster displays as much as it can from other LED display systems. The range of sizes and customization that Ösel can offer along with superior quality display systems will allow Indian Railways to maximize its ROI. One the one hand, passenger convenience will increase remarkably while on the other, advertising revenue can be substantial.

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