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April 29, 2019
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The Ösel Video Wall Offers best-in-Class Large Format Display for Media Houses

The broadcast media today operates 24 x 7 x 365, rolling out news, views and updates of regional, national and global dimensions. Most TV channels today have installed highly advanced broadcast control room solutions like a video wall which transforms the newsroom into a panoramic window to the world. This is quite different from even a modest screen display of 2m x 1m because the viewing experience in a video wall is of a different level altogether. If the display is curved, which is preferred by many broadcasting companies, the viewing experience is more immersive because it offers a lot of depth to the display.

High quality products from Ösel

The video LED wall displays from Ösel are among the best that are available right now. Compared to the large format display systems that were used earlier, the video walls today offer seamless splicing for a great viewing experience. The video wall, irrespective of its dimensions, is made up modules that can be customized to fit the degree of curvature in the display in case of a curved video wall. Ösel is able to provide this level of customization at a very reasonable cost because it is one of the few original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with production facilities in India. There is no dependence on imports for components.

Easy operation and low maintenance cost

In addition to the high quality make and build of the video wall from Ösel, it also offers a suite of advanced broadcast control room solutions that ensure ease of use and low cost maintenance. The Ösel Edgester indoor LED wall is perfectly suited for broadcast room displays that offer an immersive viewing experience. News anchoring is not just about sitting at the news desk and reading out the news. It’s also about moving across the width of video wall displaying news and updates in real time and controlling the flow of information.

The video wall from Ösel comes stacked with a content management system (CMS) and other advanced tools for seamless operations and best-in-class display.

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