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April 25, 2019
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May 2, 2019

Ösel’s Flexible LED Wall Display Systems Can Improve Airport Operations Effectively

In any major airport where flights land and take off all throughout the day, the onrush of passengers is a regular feature. The large airport staff is normally very helpful in making passengers feel comfortable but they also need infrastructure support in the form of flight status boards, way-finding signage and other displays. Before the arrival of flexible LED wall display systems, airport authorities used to have a hard time with flight updates on the manually operated flight status boards. Flexible LED wall display systems from Ösel can solve most of the problems of airport staff entrusted with the job of updating the status boards.

Automated flight status boards

LED display systems come in a wide range of sizes and display formats. Any major airport is likely to have more than one multiple large flight status board displaying flight information. Today, such flight status boards can be integrated with the control room and flight information can be updated in real time. That’s not all; these massive boards can divide the flight status display time by playing out advertisements of brands interested in leveraging this all important space to communicate to their audience.

Advanced systems that are easy to handle

The flexible LED wall display systems from Ösel run on advanced technology that can be remotely operated with a USB or HDMI plug-in or via Cloud tech. These LED display systems are made up of modules of varying sizes depending on the size of the display. Such modules are considered the building blocks of an LED display screen and it is really easy to assemble or disassemble them. The other remarkable feature of these LED displays from Ösel is that they offer seamless splicing between the different modules, which ensures great viewing.

Dynamic dual and single colour signages

Airports have a lot to display in addition to flight status and this includes way-finding and directional signage boards. The LED sign board displays from Ösel offer both dual and single colour displays, multiple character sizes, formatting options, and graphic symbols. Most importantly, the displays can be remotely managed to suit the different priorities of the airport at different times in a 24 hour cycle. This frees up vital manhours for airport staff allowing them to focus more on passenger convenience.

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